Clinic Policies

Last minutes cancelation, No Shows or Missed Appointments

There is a 24-hour cancellation policy.  It is the client’s responsibility to keep or reschedule any and all appointments. Because the time is set aside just for you and we are affected by any last minutes changes.

Additionally because appointments are in high demand, a last minute cancellation prevents someone else from being able to book this time for treatment or consultation.

If we don’t receive adequate notice of cancellation, you will be charged for the FULL amount of a missed, no-show or last minute cancellation.

I will have a list of the clinic policies, such as confirmation and cancellation, confidentiality, request for lab results/medical records, EMR, patient client agreement.


Payments for the office visit or virtual consultations or lab tests is expected at the time of service. We accept cash, check or credit cards. All credit cards payments will be processed the same day of the visit or consultation.

Rowan Health and Wellness Clinic does not accept insurance and we cannot assist you with your claim resolution. We will provide you with a billing summary/invoice which you can submit to your insurance carrier.

Our services are not tax deductible. Functional Medicine is not currently recognized as a medical expense.

Privacy Policy

Under the Personal Health Information Protection Act, 2004 (PHIPA), you have the right to consent or to withhold consent to the collection, use  and disclosure of your personal health information, except in specific circumstances where the law authorizes The Rowan Health and Wellness  Clinic to collect, use or disclose your information without consent.

The Rowan Health and Wellness Clinic collects your personal health information directly from you, from a person acting on your behalf or from other such as health care providers. The Rowan Health and Wellness Clinic will not collect more personal health information than is reasonably necessary to meet the purposes.

The Rowan Health and Wellness Clinic uses personal health information to

  • To assess your health needs and provide safe and efficient care
  • Plan strategy to address your concerns
  • To enable us to contact and maintain communication with you to distribute health care information to book and confirm appointments
  • To communicate with other treating health care providers, including other dentists, physicians, pharmacists and lab technicians (with your consent and if required).
  • Only necessary information is collected about you
  • We only share your information with your consent
  • Storage, retention and destruction of your personal health information complies with existing legislation and privacy protect protocols.
  • We do not share your information with any government or insurance agency